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17 Oct
Window Tint Heat Application
17 Oct
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Are All Window Films The Same?

Not all films are created equal. Some films are made of a dye construct, that is when the film is dyed to its desired VLT to give you the look you are going for. Different films are dyed of different colors and materials achieving a greater lifetime. Meanwhile other films are made of a Nano-Carbon, or Hybrid Nano-Carbon construct, these films carry no dye. This is a newer technology of making window film, it offers better heat rejection, clarity through the film, and guarantees that the film will not purple or shift color.

If one is out to achieve the greatest heat rejection, UVB rejection, while keeping the window film at a lighter shade, one should look at Ceramic or Light re-direction films. These films are again constructed differently than the dyed, or nano-carbon films. Ceramic or light re-direction films are for people who are seeking the highest performing films. If you have any more question about our films feel free to give us a call at 610-544-TINT.


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